Validation of pilot licenses
in and from South Africa

Regulations regarding the validation of pilot licenses vary from country to country. including South Africa. For this reason we recommend you check with your local civil aviation authority.

Pilot's Lisence validation In general, pilot licenses are validated in other countries subject to your passing an exam in the flying law of the country in which you wish to fly.

So, for example, a person from Europe who obtains his or her PPL or HPPL license in South Africa, will need to pass the local flying law examination in their own country. The same applies to a person who qualifies in one European country and wishes to fly in another European country. Or one who qualifies in Europe and wishes to fly in South Africa.

Pilot's Lisence World-wide, South African flying schools and South Africa's CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) are highly regarded.

To the best of our knowledge all flying hours clocked up in South Africa are recognised throughout the world.

Some students must or choose to write, or re-write, some of their exams in their home countries. Others do all their flying hours, training and exams in South Africa, and only write their local flying law exam when they return home. It is up to you to decide.

It is also up to you to check your local regulations before making your decision.

For information on the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority), click here.

To contact Flight Schools South Africa click here.

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