South African visas to attend
South African Flight Schools

Quality training at the lowest prices Do you need a South African visa to attend a flight school in South Africa? Best obtain your answer from the nearest South African Embassy. Link below.

Depending upon where you live, and your passport, you may need a student visa or a tourist visa, or no visa at all. It is best to check earlier rather than later.

To find the contact details of your nearest embassy or consulate to enquire about South Africans visas click on this list of South African representatives by country.

Having difficulty getting South African visa information?

We take care of all your arangements If you are finding is difficult to obtain the South African visa information you need, you are welcome to contact Flight Schools South Africa, but please try your nearest South African Embassy FIRST.

If you do need to contact us about South African visas, and if they are needed for citizens of your country, please supply us with the all details about how you sought the information and what happened.

Email the information to

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