Learn to fly microlight aircraft
in Durban, South Africa

Imagine learning to fly a tiny microlight aircraft over rolling hills and golden beaches in sunny South Africa. Doing so costs less than you may think.

Microlighting A three week package including all microlight flying lessons and accommodation from R26 000.00. Car hire is available at an additional affordable cost.

The licence you obtain will be acceptable for validation in all ICAO member countries.

Microlighting World-class training with very experienced instructors. Training on all Solo Wings and Aerotrike Microlight types is offered, as well as advanced courses in Meteorology, Flying Techniques and Cross Country Flying.

Of interest to those who are planning to do their fixed- wing Private Pilots Licence is that up to 25 of your microlight training hours can be credited to your PPL training. In other words, if you get your microlight licence, your PPL training can be considerably shortened.

In practice (you still need to do a minimum number of dual and solo training hours for your PPL) rather calculate your time saving by 15 - 20 hours.

Nevertheless, you can add the full 25 hours to 'flying hours under your belt'.

To book your microlight training course, or to get more information about getting your microlight pilot license in South Africa, please click here and Samantha will get back to you soon.



Luxury accommodation is available on request. Wives/partners/families are all welcome but this will be at an additional cost.

For further information please coontact:
Office Tel: + 27 (0)31 562 0948
Samantha +27 (0)83 3584 575

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