Keeping your South African pilot
licence current in the UK

You can easily keep your South African licence current in the UK. The hours you do in UK aircraft all count towards it, and we (Higherplane Aviation Training at Popham) have South African CAA approval to do South African PPL renewals in the UK.

Information on this page provided by
Irv Lee CAA / JAA / SA-CAA Approved Training

Flying in Cape Town

South African CAA conversions approval

We also offer cross country trips for you to gain UK experience, and we have the required S.A. CAA approval to sign off type conversions onto a large variety of types for South African licence holders. Conversion training to European or National licences is available should it be your choice to convert.

There are also doctors in the UK approved to do South African medicals, so all renewal requirements can be fulfilled in the UK. No need to return to South Africa unless you want to!

Flying in Cape Town

Where-ever you decide to learn, if you have any queries about flying once you are back in the UK, or before you go, you are welcome to contact us.

Free advice and Master Class pilot training

Advice is free, but the best advice is to make your own decisions on what is best for you personally. Once you have a licence, we also offer a short post licence Master Class - one day seminars aimed at all qualified pilots, enjoyed by all, and invaluable to those who have trained outside the UK.

Information on this page provided by
Irv Lee CAA / JAA / SA-CAA Approved Training
Contact him via his web site:

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