Pretoria / Johannesburg flight schools offer high altitude flying

The main advantage of attending flight schools in Pretoria / Johannesburg is the 6000 feet altitude that give you high altitude take-off and landing experience.

Flying in Johannesberg Pretoria / Johannesburg flying schools offer fixed-wing and helicopter training for both the PPL (private pilots license) and CPL (commercial pilots license).

In addition to the high altitude, advantages of attending flight schools in Johannesburg are:

Johannesburg is South Africa's biggest city and commercial capital - built on the gold mining industry.

It offers a wide variety of activities and entertainment but sea lovers beware - no beaches down the road from the flight school - it is a 5.5 hour drive from Johannesburg to the sea.

Things to do in Johannesberg Pretoria & Johannesburg are within easy reach of inland fishing, yachting and other water sports at the Vaal Dam, the Hartebeespoort Dam and more.

Johannesburg flight schools are in easy reach of the world famous Kruger National Park and excellent trout-fishing opportunities.

Weather in summer is hot with frequent but short-lived afternoon thunderstorms. Winter offers excellent flight school weather - cool in the evenings and sunny, dry and generally warm during the day.

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