Helicopter training includes game capture in South Africa

John Bassi's helicopter training offer a unique opportunity to combine helicopter lessons with game capture and wildlife conservation in South Africa.

Helicopter schools John Bassi is one of Southern Africa's leading game capture and game relocation experts. He is regularly called out to do game counts and dart and relocate lions, rhino, antelope and even elephants, and to find missing animals when game fences have been cut.

In addition to his game rescue and wildlife relocation work, John is a highly experienced pilot and runs a helicopter training school.

Combine your helicopter training with a wildlife
experience to remember

John Bassi's helicopter training offers you a totally unique opportunity to learn about and experience game conservation in Africa. To play a role in rescuing threatened species and relocating animals to some of their historic stamping grounds - at the same time as learning to fly helicopters and achieving your helicopter PPL or CPL.

The flying school's training helicopters

At the flying school your helicopter training will be completed on the agile and manoeuvrable Robinson R22, a piston engine two-seater helicopter.

However, should you wish to train on your own helicopter, or learn to fly on a different type such as the R44, Bell 206 or Schweizer 300, John will be glad to accommodate you. This could alter the total cost as the cost per hour varies according to the make and model of helicopter used.

PPL - Helicopter training requirements

  • Be at least 17 years of age

  • Complete a minimum of 50 hours instruction
    (including 15 solo hours)

  • Pass an aviation medical examination

  • Pass written and oral examinations

  • Pass a practical flight test

The examinations for a PPL (H)

  • Navigation

  • Meteorology

  • Air Navigation Regulations

  • Principles of Flight

  • Helicopter Technical & General

PPL helicopter training - 'all inclusive package'

  • Aviation Medical

  • Flying: 50 Hours Robinson R22

  • Lectures & Briefings

  • PPL Training Kit

  • Restricted Radio License Course

  • Issue Of Student Pilot Licence

  • Issue Of Private Pilot Licence

All the required material and books are provided and are available at the helicopter flying school. The entire course is conducted 'in house' with exception to the radio license, which is a short course followed by an exam.

The Aerodrome has a manned ATC, which makes it ideal for the familiarization to radio and air traffic procedures. The airport is also well situated for short cross-countries to the many game farms in the General flying area or Sun City as well as the Pilansberg Game Reserve.

During your advanced helicopter training a cross-country will be conducted to the lowveld base, near the Kruger National Park, which will include flight training and performance of the aircraft at lower altitudes as well as mountain flying in the Blyde Canyon.

The helicopter training programme

  1. Start course at Wonderboom Airport, familiarization and orientation, ground school and preparation to fly 4 days.

  2. Move to Bush camp in private game reserve in the Northern Transvaal - 2 hours north of Pretoria. Basic flying training starts - In the bush for 2 weeks.

  3. Move to drome 2, Eastern Transvaal Lowveld; stay in mountain lodge near lake. Low altitude flying, mountain flying in Drakensberg Blyde Canyon area - 2 weeks.

  4. Move to Wonderboom, Pretoria. Exposure to air traffic and airplanes in Johannesburg. Complete training - 2 weeks

  5. Spend 2 to 4 days with game capture team on an actual game capture operation.

Cost of helicopter training - full HPPL package

The total approximate cost of your PPL training course, including accommodation, as described above:

Euros €UK £US $SA Rand
HPPL Helicopter€ 15120£   10710 $18360R128500

These are estimated costs of what will be required to complete your HPPL. Extra flying hours or change in aircraft type will be charged accordingly. Extra accommodation if required will be charged at the going rate. Prices are subject to some fluctuation without prior notice due to changes in exchange rates, fuel prices and other costs beyond our control.

Book this unique helicopter training opportunity today!

The response to this unique opportunity has been (almost) overwhelming. Because helicopter training is on a 'one-on-one' basis the number of places will be limited. The first such helicopter training opportunities will occur in February 2003. In order to book your place you will need to pay a deposit of R13 000 (Approximately UK Pounds 1085, $ 1857, Euro 1530) as soon as possible.

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Advanced helicopter training also available

  • Game capture and cull rating - about 2 weeks

  • Night rating

  • Sling rating

  • Type rating - B206 turbine - Allouette 11 - R44 - H30

  • Instrument rating

  • Commercial ground school - about 6 weeks

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