Flight Schools South Africa FAQ:
'what will you do for me?'

Most frequently asked questions about Flight Schools South Africa and the most frequently 'not actually asked' question. Here are all the answers!

Q: What will you do for me? / Why should I use you?
We are your representive in South Africa, here, on the ground. We make all the training and accommodation bookings and have the clout to ensure nothing goes wrong.
Q: How will I find my accommodation and the flying school?
In Durban we do ALMOST everything for you: meet you at the airport and take you to your guest house and the flying school. Help you make car hire arrangements. Take you to the doctor for your medical. Take care of your needs, every step of the way. We are currently making similar arrangements in other centres.
Q: Will the pilots license I obtain in South Africa be valid in other countries?
The short answer is YES. The slightly longer answer is that we suggest you consult your local Civil Aviation Authority for details about YOUR country. Most countries require an easy validation process. For information on this subject and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) click here
Q: (not actually asked!) How do I know that Flight Schools South Africa is genuine?
The Director of the South African Civil Aviation Authority is Mr Ernest Claasen who has given us permission to invite you to telephone or email him.
Q: Is is better to Learn to Fly, in Durban, Cape Town or Johannesburg.
We recommend Durban but we can accommodate your needs in other centres. Why Durban? The year-round good weather. It is a fun city on the coast with all water sports, great mountains and some of the best game reserves in the world nearby.
Q: How long does a PPL take?
The normal time is 3 - 4 months minimum, but this can be extended or slightly shortened by the weather and your aptitude, stamina and age. People over 35 years tend to take a bit longer.
Q: How do I get to Durban, Cape Town or Johannesburg?
Johannesburg is Southern Africa's international hub airport. So you would fly to Durban or Cape Town via Johannesburg. Most of the world's major airlines fly to Johannesburg.
Q: You quote package prices. Are these exact?
They are as exact as we can estimate them. But international currency fluctuations and time (many potential student pilots enquire months or even a year or more before they actually arrive) mean that variations do occur. We do everything possible to ensure that our estimates are accurate and variations are less than 10%. We try and give you updated (up or down) prices a month before you leave.
Q: Do I have to pay a deposit?
Your accommodation and flying lessons are NOT secured UNTIL you pay a deposit. The deposit is refundable. All other payments are refundable on a pro-rata basis at the discretion of Learn to Fly.
Q: Do you accept credit cards?
No. Bank transfers or travellers cheques only. The reason for this is to keep the cost down. Credit card payment would add an addiitonal 4-5% on to the cost of the packages as would not benefit from the discounted prices.
More questions? Please email Ginny at Samantha@airbornesa.co.za

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